Air temperature value and changes monitoring in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Project reports

  • Stage №1 Choosing areas of research
    • Report (intermediate)
    • Technical report on the work carried out by extrabudgetary funds
  • Stage №2 Theoretical research tasks (queue 1)
    • Report (intermediate)
  • Stage №3 Theoretical research tasks (queue 2)
    • Report (intermediate)
    • Report on market research
  • Stage №4 Experimental research tasks
    • Report (intermediate)
  • Stage №5 Generalizations and evaluation of research results
    • Report (final)
    • Technical specification for further design and development work

(All project reports are in Russian)

Posters and publications

  • Presentation of poster «An Implementation of CoAP protocol for Arduino and ESP8266» (Download)
  • Maxim Kolchin and Peter Wetz «Demo: YABench – Yet Another RDF Stream Processing Benchmark» // Proceedings of RDF Stream Processing Workshop at ESWC 2015 (Download)
  • Maxim Kolchin, Nikolay Klimov, Alexey Andreev, Ivan Shilin, Daniil Garayzuev, Dmitry Mouromtsev and Danil Zakoldaev «Ontologies for Web of Things: a Pragmatic Review» // Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web, 2015, pp. 102-116 (Download)
  • Poster «Creating RDF-descriptions for Web of Things devices using WoT SemDesc Helper», International Conference Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web 2015 (Download)


List of events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.), where the result were presented:

Patents, certificates

  • Certificate of state registration of computer programs №2015660433 «System for aggregation, normalisation and analysis of heterogeneous sensor network data«SemIoT Platform» (Download)